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Doosan XP185-VHP165WDO

  • 185 cfm
  • 125 psig

The XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F is the most versatile addition to Doosan Portable Power’s small air compressor lineup. With Doosan’s FlexAir system, which comes standard, this high-pressure model produces up to 185 cfm with pressures ranging from 100 to 200 psi.  Powered by the dependable 74-hp Doosan D24 engine, this air compressor can operate at full load for 11 hours. The XP185-VHP165WDO can be made more versatile with the addition of an optional 4kW onboard generator.  Operators can simultaneously power both air and electrical tools without impacting the XP185-VHP165’s fuel efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Doosan XP185-VHP165WDO Compressor -

The XP185-VHP165WDO is designed with the operator in mind.  Operators select the psi of the output air electronically using the control panel rather than reaching in the machine and manually adjusting the output with a wrench. The control panel, air discharge outlets, tool box and, when outfitted with optional 4kW generator, 120V duplex outlets, are safely located on the curb side of the air compressor. The XP185-VHP165 features the largest and deepest full-length tool box, providing 8,700 cubic inches for tool and accessory storage.  The premium control panel’s intuitive design ensures ease of use. The spin-on separator element makes for quick and easy service without having to enter the separator tank itself.

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