Our focus on your uptime means your operators can get more done each day – and as a result, your profitability increase. Our uptime services are designed with your business’s success in mind.


Our maintenance agreements also give you added peace of mind, help to focus more on your business. Increase machine efficiency and maximize uptime to ensure that projects on your Jobsite are completed as planned.

Extended Warranties

Our extended warranties provide you with peace of mind in the event that a key machine component fails. In today’s competitive, extended warranties provide a total cost of ownership management and ensure your activities are completed without any financial surprises.

Staffed Monitoring

Keep your machines working productively, efficiently, and safely with Staffed Monitoring. We’ll proactively monitor machine data to help you predict potential failures or other issues before they occur. This gives you more time to focus on your business, so you can reduce unplanned downtime and minimize repair costs.

Factory Trained Professionals

Our factory-trained professionals understand the need to fix your problem quickly. We have technicians available across all of California, whether it is a field-based technician in more remote areas, a field service technician dispatched from one of our 7 locations or our shop technicians, we are here for you.

Inspection Programs

Boost your uptime with our equipment inspection programs. Whether it is a care inspection checked by our trained service technicians to reduce unscheduled downtime and keep your machine running its best or any of the other inspection programs, we are here to help you avoid expensive damage and downtime.” Check out our comprehensive inspection programs.

Fluid Analysis

VCES’s specialized fluids analysis testing and trending review can provide the information that will help you manage the productivity of your equipment over its lifetime. Services include oil sampling, coolant analysis, fuel-quality testing, and trending analysis.

Other Services

In addition, we offer a number of other services including Air Conditioning service, Hydraulic Repairs, Factory Certified Refurbishment, and Factory Remanufactured Components to keep your machine operating at its best.