Volvo Wheel Loader Application Packages Make Selections Easy

With so many different uses for Volvo wheel loaders, we developed application packages that help simplify getting the features you need for your specific type of work. When you select a […]

With so many different uses for Volvo wheel loaders, we developed application packages that help simplify getting the features you need for your specific type of work. When you select a package, your specially adapted wheel loader comes with the right options, tires and attachments for maximum safety and performance.

Every machine ordered with an application package includes a decal from our factory (shown above) so you know it has the right equipment for your specific jobs. These are the Volvo wheel loader application packages we currently offer.


By utilizing our decades of experience working with farmers, we’ve tailored a wheel loader that boosts productivity in agriculture applications around the clock including landscaping, irrigation, livestock and crop production.

Volvo ag loaders include features like a third hydraulic function that enables the use of hydraulic attachments for added versatility, and an attachment bracket that lets you switch between attachments in seconds. A torque-parallel linkage system provides high break out, tilt-in and lifting forces, and the parallel movement contributes to greater load stability. A fast travel speed also helps you navigate your farm efficiently.

Loaders in this package also come with agriculture tires (depending on your region) which are essential to maneuvering in challenging farm ground conditions.

Available on these models: L60HL70HL90HL110HL120H


From lifting and carrying heavyweight blocks all day to the wet, steep and rocky ground, Volvo block handling loaders have been adapted to deliver maximum performance in tough conditions. As an example, the machine frame, lift arm mechanism and tires are all designed to absorb high load stresses. Plus, the optimized counterweight, lift cylinders and all-Volvo powertrain combine to provide superior tipping load capacity, high rimpull and excellent traction.

You can also get a heavy-duty configuration of the L350H that makes it able to carry blocks up to 55 tons safely and consistently (for reference, the available tires from our factory are approved for a 42-ton working load).

Available on these models: L150HL180HL220HL350H


The Volvo wheel loader rehandling package focuses on efficiency and productivity by offering the right buckets for handling, stockpiling and loading sand, gravel and aggregate. They’re ideal for open pits, quarries and a variety of industrial applications. The included rehandling counterweight maintains stability without reducing ground clearance or departure angle so you can pick the best bucket for the job. Other available options focus on filtration for dusty environments and traction due to soft ground conditions.

Available on these models: L110HL120HL150HL180HL220HL260HL350H


Every design detail of a Volvo rock loader is geared toward delivering maximum productivity so you can fill the bucket as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, optimized weight distribution provides excellent machine stability, and combined with the ultra-strong Z-bar linkage, you’ll get the highest levels of breakout force. When entering the pile, rimpull control provides superb traction, minimizing wheel spin and reducing tire wear.

We also offer a range of rock buckets that have a high fill factor for fast cycle times and maximum productivity. The wear parts and Volvo tooth system make the spade nose, straight edge and side dump rock buckets even more durable and efficient.

Available on these models: L260HL350H


Volvo log loaders come with a variety of Volvo designed grapples and safety options, offering a complete solution for timber handling. Even weight distribution, a logging counterweight and low ground pressure from wide low-profile tires provide outstanding stability, traction and tipping load.

This is supported by the Torque Parallel linkage system (L60H-L220H) which secures parallel movement and optimizes lifting, breakout and roll-out forces in top position, helping to stack heavy loads at high heights. On the L350H, the Z-bar lifting arm allows you to efficiently handle loads weighing up to around 25 tons.

These loaders are also highly maneuverable with a short overhang that makes it the perfect machine to quickly and easily negotiate timber yards and confined areas.

Available on these models: L60HL70HL90HL110HL120HL150HL180HL220HL220H HLL350H


Volvo waste handlers are configured to deliver outstanding results in waste management and recycling facilities. Strategically located and well-protected components, such as cab and engine precleaners, all-around guarding, shortened steps and removed front fenders keep these machines up and running longer. The optional long boom makes easy work of loading high trucks and stacking high piles while keeping the machine tires safely away from hazardous material.

Available on these models: L60HL70HL90HL110HL120HL150HL180HL220H


The scrap package for Volvo wheel loaders focuses on durability, performance and preventive protection for the operator and loaders by providing guards all around the machines, cab and engine precleaners, solid tires, a long boom option and more. And with Volvo buckets and attachments, these loaders perform at their best while the reliability features ensure around-the-clock operation.

Available on these models: L60HL70HL90HL110HL120HL150HL180HL220HL350H


Steel mills are some of the harshest environments for both machines and operators, with conditions including extreme heat, toxic fumes and heavy dust. With a nonstop production process, not only are unplanned stoppages costly, they can also be hazardous for operators.

Volvo slag handlers are customized to guard against excessive heat radiation, with specially adapted components designed to ensure ultimate machine endurance and reliability. Features that reduce wear and increase component life include heat-resistant fuel and oil lines, fire-protective material throughout, extensive guarding, plus protection from slag explosions, falling objects and air-blown debris.

Available on these models: L150HL180HL220HL260HL350H

With wheel loaders used in a variety of segments in a variety of ways, these packages add another layer of specialty that can ensure you get exactly what you need to get your jobs done the right way. Check out our full Volvo wheel loader line up and talk to your nearest Volvo dealer about the package that’s right for your business.

By Eric Yeomans and Chris Connolly

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