Use This Prestart Checklist to Keep Your Articulated Hauler Truck in Good Shape

A thorough equipment walkaround before starting a shift can make a big difference, and it doesn’t need to take a lot of time.

Every good articulated truck operator should establish a daily routine of prestart checks. Regular machine upkeep can ensure safety, while improving productivity and uptime.

Here is a basic checklist I recommend your crews review each time before they operate an articulated truck.

External Checks

– No external damage or defective/loose parts, especially tires, hoses and pipes.
– Wheels are not blocked.
– No visible leaks.
– Back-up camera and mirrors are clean and intact.
– Steering joint lock is disconnected.
– Engine hood, underbody skid plates and protective plates are closed.
– On-board weighing (only applies to machines without Full Suspension (FS): Cables/hoses are routed correctly, so that there is no risk of chafing.

Internal Checks

– All control lights turn on and gauges indicate readings.
– Work lights and headlights function properly.
– Fuel and (if applicable) AdBlue®/DEF is sufficient.
– Items that keep you safe like mirrors, cameras, seatbelts and the safety lever.
– Retarder is working
– Steering system is free from clearance and noise.
– Fire suppression system is working.
– Service brake: Accumulated brake pressure in both circuits is normal.
– Parking brake can hold the machine at a standstill with throttle application up to 1,000 rpm (16.7 r/s).
– Dump function: run up the load body, check the stroke-end damping works, check the function MAX. dump height works if activated.

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