Electric Construction Equipment vs. Diesel Performance Comparisons

When it comes to power and performance, our ECR25 electric excavator and L25 electric wheel loader specifications are nearly identical to their diesel counterparts


When it comes to power and performance, our ECR25 electric excavator and L25 electric wheel loader specifications are nearly identical to their diesel counterparts — almost line for line, every diesel model spec applies to the electric models. The few exceptions are a slight increase in continuous motor power and a marginally higher operating weight for the ECR25 electric excavator. And for the L25 electric wheel loader, it too has a marginally higher operating weight and a higher static tipping load compared to the diesel model.

A final difference between the L25 electric wheel loader models is that in North America, we’re not initially offering a high-speed version of the electric loader in order to better maintain the battery during a full workday. The maximum speed of the electric L25 wheel loader is set at 10 mph (16 kph). The good news is that for most applications, high speed isn’t required. It’s mainly necessary if you have an application where you need to drive from jobsite to jobsite without hauling the machine.


Reductions in noise and vibration are the result of removing the diesel engine and the cooling fan. In our pilot programs, we’re hearing over and over how less fatigued operators feel after several hours of work. Even in a top-of-the-line Volvo cab, operators are appreciating the difference of the smooth, quiet operation of electric construction equipment.

Just how much quieter are the electric machines compared to their diesel counterparts? On the ECR25 electric excavator, for example, exterior noise levels were reduced from 93 dB to 84 dB. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, then consider that a 10-decibel increase is perceived as twice as loud, and it represents a tenfold increase in sound intensity. By reducing the noise by 9 decibels, we’ve created an electric-powered construction machine that will sound two times quieter.

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